Final Year of Three Years Diploma Courses in Instrumentation and Control Engineering


[Final Year of Three Years Diploma Courses in Instrumentation and Control Engineering]

Time:2.30Hours                                                                                                                         Maximum Marks:50

Process Control (PC)

Q1)Answer any two parts of the following:                         [2×5=10]

a)Describe the principal of operation of PLC.
b) Discuss the P-I-D control action.
c)What is a process? Explain process characteristics.

Q2) Answer any four parts of the following:                        [4×3=12]

a) Differentiate direct acting and reverse acting relays.
b) List advantage of direct digital control.
c) How hydraulic actuators work. Explain briefly.
d) List some popular DCS.
e) What are the elements of preventive maintenance? Discuss briefly.

Q3) Answer any three parts of the following:                       [3×4=12]

a) Explain ON-OFF control action.
b) What are instrumentation amplifier? Explain with diagram.
c) Describe the working of pneumatic controller. How do they differ from hydraulic controller?
d) Write a short note on DDC structure.

Q4) Answer any two parts of the following:                            [2×4=8]

a) List various electronics controller and explain any one of them.
b) Write short note on DDC
c) Discuss the concept and functional requirement of DCS.

Q5) Write short notes on any two of the following:                  [2×4=8]

a) Dead time, process delay.
b) Electric actuators.
c) Flapper-nozzle system. 

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